What will you do at Thanksgiving?


I’m sure that most of you have thought about what you will do at Thanksgiving during the Covid-19 pandemic. I have three recommendations:

  1. Go ahead and celebrate Thanksgiving, make it a day of joy.
  2. Be extra careful and absolutely avoid a traditional large indoor family gathering.
  3. Decide on the best plan possible that makes sense for you and others. Make sure that any guests you might have understand the “ground rules”.

1. Celebrate Thanksgiving

Some of us who are extra cautious may choose not to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is not good for our souls. We need joy in our lives. We can celebrate Thanksgiving by being thankful, by sharing and by connecting. Thanksgiving is not a time to be sad/anxious and isolated. There ARE things to be thankful for; we are on the verge of a vaccine, we have better treatments, and the shortage of masks, cleansers and testing capacity are much improved. Heroes have worked hard during this pandemic. We thank them. Many of us have avoided Covid infection or are now recovered. Thanksgiving is also a time for sharing and reaching out to people. We can do that too, maybe not face to face but by phone, text, email, or social media. Contact loved ones. Wishing each other well helps all of us be stronger.

2. Avoid Large Gatherings

The larger the gathering the higher the risk that someone has asymptomatic Covid and can spread it. Fifty percent of Covid carriers have no significant symptoms to warn others that they are contagious. One report showed that thirty percent of people who came down with Covid did not know where they caught the virus. Gatherings of five people or fewer is best and more than ten is not a wise decision at all. Good ventilation is very important since any virus that is in the air is better if it is swept away. A bigger space means less crowding and less sharing of the same air. Be especially careful with older people and with those who are less healthy.

3. Make a Plan

Make a plan that works for you and others. Your plan should combine a good understanding of the risks while weighing what is important to you and loved ones.. Think things through and be careful to avoid decisions that are based on gut instinct alone. At my home we will have four people, all of whom already are living together.  We will celebrate in the garage with the garage door open and plenty of space between us. Our neighbor will stop by for a little bit and then another friend will stop by a little later. We will be calling friends and family. This will not be our usual Thanksgiving. However, I am sure we will be thankful and have fun. This plan will work for us but may not work for you. Every situation is different.  Be extra cautious if Covid-19 is a major concern in your area. (Chicago is asking residents not to have Thanksgiving gatherings.) Keep your community safe.

A heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Warmest Aloha and stay well,

PS. I’m here to support you. Be connected, stay strong.

Attached are some hints about
Celebrating Thanksgiving
from the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

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