What will the Next few Months be Like?


Looking back at 2020, I can tell that I was getting burned out by the end of May 2020. Many of us are feeling “COVID fatigue” and just don’t want to hear any more about it. We get bombarded with too many bad statistics every day. At the same time, we wonder what’s next. What are the coming months going to be like? Will things be better, worse or even more of the same? Let’s talk about it just a little because it’s better to be prepared no matter what happens.

Let’s start with the worse case scenario: in this situation the numbers will continue to climb. There will be several factors. One is that the new variants of the COVID virus make it more contagious. In addition, people will just be unable to go on any longer with physical distancing and staying isolated. The virus will spread even faster. I don’t think this worse case scenario is very likely. People ARE fatigued but the danger that COVID poses is very clear now to most people. In addition, I have faith that the vaccinations will help turn the tide.

The most likely scenario though is that the next several months will continue to be tough.. The first days in January already show an increase in cases. COVID is now afflicting young as well as old, healthy as well as chronically ill and famous as well as ordinary or impoverished people. COVID rates will go down in some areas but go up in others. In some areas, the virus is “everywhere” and even people who are very careful are being afflicted. There is hope though. If we can get large numbers vaccinate, we’re likely to see some early evidence that the vaccine working and turning the tide.

In the best case scenario, we will see numbers improve. The key factor would be a very rapid and highly successful campaign of vaccination. In addition, it would require people to reach down, be strong and be even more diligent on avoiding the the disease.

The message I’m sending is that I’m asking you to be strong yet longer. Local restrictions are unlikely to change. We must continue physical distancing, hand washing and masking. What wears on us most as time drags on, is the need to stay separated physically and not socialize. This winter will be tough. But spring for sure will come.

Each of us reacts in a different way but all our reactions are human and as humans we can endure a lot. We should not despair.

A Voice Behind
By Pearlyn

When into sorrow, my poor soul sinks
When a sound of despair in my heart rings I’m strongly pushed to do my best
By a voice that says, “There is still hope you dare not rest.”
When all my worries rise like a cloud
I’m guarded safe like a bird in its nest
By a voice that says, “There is still hope you dare not rest.”

This is Dr. Warren and I’m hoping that your wishes come true this year.

PS. I’m here to support you. Be connected, stay strong.

[email protected]

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