Rachael Wonderlin: Embracing their reality


In this video, dementia care consultant and author Rachael Wonderlin joins Dr. Warren to discuss her innovative approach to dealing with communication issues that arise in interactions with people with memory problems.

Her advice to caregivers is that “there’s no simple, one-size-fits-all answer when you’re looking after another person’s well-being.” In Rachael’s Embracing Their Reality approach to dementia care, “we actually enter their world, no matter where it is. We stop worrying about “lying” and start worrying about what’s true for the person living with the cognitive impairment—even if it feels totally foreign to us.”


Rachael has years of hands-on dementia care experience, is a prolific blogger and podcaster, has her own YouTube channel, and published two books with Johns Hopkins University Press. Her first book, When Someone You Know… is the only book on the market about moving someone to a care community. Her second book, Creative Engagement, was just published this month and focuses on creative, hands-on ways to engage with people living with cognitive loss.

Rachael has kindly given us permission to share this poster with three questions for caregivers designed to reduce stress with you.

For more information about Rachael, please visit her website at: https://rachaelwonderlin.com/

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