Dorothy Colby – Loving ways to communicate despite COVID-19


Dorothy Colby is the director of Community Engagement for Hale Kūʻike, a “house of understanding” for people living with dementia. Using the Positive Approach to Care philosophy, in this first video, Dorothy demonstrates easy ways to show physical connection in place of a hug.


Loving Ways to Communicate Despite COVID-19 – 3:11

“Through my work at Hale Kūʻike, we encountered the Positive Approach to Care and Teepa Snow’s training, which we’ve adopted at Hale Kūʻike. In 2014, I became a became a certified PAC trainer. That’s the training method and philosophy that we use at Hale Kūʻike. In 2016, I started working with Teepa and traveled for Positive Approach to Care to do trainings on the mainland and train other trainers.  And I’ve been working with them since then. And Hale Kui’ike has become the first certified Positive Approach to Care Community last year in 2019. So, we’re very proud of that as well.” — Dorothy Colby

Hale Kūʻike is a group of three residential care homes – Hale Kūʻike Nuuanu, Bayside & Pali Locations in Oahu, Hawaii. Hale Kūʻike started in 2005, and the newest home just opened last year. For more information, please visit

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