Dorothy Colby – All of our Stress Levels have gone Sky High!


Stress levels and how to cope with the pressures of caregiving are the topic our third video with Dorothy Colby. In this video, Dorothy talks about how techniques developed by Teepa Snow and her Positive Approach to Care can help reduce stress in dealing with common care-giving issues.


Dr. Warren notes that the Positive Approach to Care philosophy is “simple and makes a lot of sense. Everybody should take some time to look at this. It’s worth your time.”

Click here to download PAC Dementia Cue Cards.

To learn more about Teepa Snow and her Positive Approach to Care, please visit her website at:

Dorothy Colby is the director of Community Engagement for Hale Kūʻike, a “house of understanding” for people living with dementia. To learn more about Dorothy and her Positive Approach to Dementia Care, visit her homepage at:

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