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Created by Dr. Warren features MemorC - a mobile app developed by Dr. Warren for people living with mild dementia.

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  • When is it important to call the doctor?
  • We’re living longer, how do we make life great?
  • How do you make caregiving more enjoyable and less stressful?

Dr. Warren gives a geriatrician’s perspective on these questions and also describes challenges patients and families have had to face and the advice he gave.

Dr. Warren

COVID-19 has made caring for seniors extremely difficult

We all know that COVID-19 is deadly, especially for seniors.  We’ve been told to socially distance, wash hands and wear a mask.  As a Geriatrician (physician specializing in the care of seniors), I’ve been upset that there has been very little expert and practical advice about what to do if you are a caregiver for a senior.

  • How can you physically distance and still provide care?
  • How do you keep a frail elderly person from becoming more frail while sheltered at home?
  • What about the emotional stress for both the senior and the caregiver?
  • How do we combat isolation and boredom?

I’ve decided to help by providing practical advice, updates and a community of support.



Dr. Warren Wong, MD

Does it ever feel like you're all alone? - 1:24

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